Pet Bot Information

Basic information on Pet Bot


If you are interested in inviting the bot to your server, you can do so by clicking here. In addition to this, if you ever have any problems, you can use the report command, or join the support server!

Basic information

Pet Bot is a discord bot that virtualizes owning a pet. It is made in using JavaScript in discord.js. All development is done by Steven4547466#1407 at this time. There are multiple types of pets that can be adopted and more are always welcome to be suggested in the support server.

Discord Bot List

Pet Bot is listed on the Discord Bot List here. This is important because it is the place that you can go in order to find the support server, see a list of commands and vote. Voting is important as it helps the bot grow, but there are also rewards. While no command is locked if you don't vote, voting does give you $1000 in the Bot's balance, and $2000 on weekends. Voting will never be required to use the bot, however it is appreciated :).


Questions and feedback should be directed to the support server found here.


Patrons are people who chip in a dollar or two to help keep everything running. Patreons get exclusive roles in the support server and get early access to future features. They also get to help test these features for bugs and ensure they all work before a public release. you can become a Patron today by clicking me!